"Adilah was an integral part of my labor - she was extremely knowledgeable, warm, and supportive. At every step of the way, she was able to guide and calm me and my husband, for which we are grateful. The nurses at my hospital told me that she was the best doula (was professional but still exuded the supportiveness of a close friend) they’ve seen! I will absolutely reach out to her again for our doula needs."

— K. Makovik

"Adilah was AMAZING! I am so grateful for her! Adilah was a great emotional support for my family and I. My birth plan went right out the window but Adilah comforted me and provided education so I could be prepared as possible. Not only was Adilah a great support for my husband and I, but she was able to provide support to my mother as well! I am so glad Adilah was my doula. I would recommend a doula for any expecting mother! Adilah was the best hands down!!! ."

— S. Oliver

“To my birth doula Adilah, my rock and point of orientation any time I’ve felt fragile, unsure, confused. Her listening ears, her practical thinking and her warm heart allowed me to find my way into motherhood again (with Bali) and again (with Dax). It’s a different process each time and there is no denying the higher forces that brought us two together. Adilah, I would birth a thousand times with your hands in my back and your voice in my ear. You are an absolute part of my birthing, my tribeswoman and I’m pretty sure my soul-sister too. I’ll take it all.”

- S. Lee

“Adilah remebered every wish I had and she made every effort to help my dream birthing experience come true. I will never forget all that Adilah did for me that day or how she has helped answer all of my questions after my daughter was born. It is very likely that I will be high risk for future pregnancies, so a birthing center is probably out of the question. I, however, will most definitley seek Adilah to be my doula again. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a doula.”

- M. E. Grimaldo