What is a doula?

A doula is a professional labor supporter. They are there to provide the mother with emotional, physical and educational support. The doulas purpose is to help the woman and partner have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience. A doula is not a medical provider and does not preform medical procedures such as blood pressure monitoring or cervical checks.


Studies have shown woman have a positive childbirth experience when doula is present. A decrease is seen in the overall cesarean rate by 50% and the length of labor by 25%, and the request for epidural by 60%.

Why would I need a doula if I have my partner?

The doula never takes the place of the partner but rather compliements the two people and their experience in the birth. The doula fills in where she is needed for the mother in labor. She can also help the partner to use certain comfort techniques and steps in when they need a break.

Is a doula beneficial in medicated births?

A doula will support you in what ever kind of birth you want. Or whatever birth becomes the outcome. Many women find labor pains bearable when a doula is with them. Medicated or not, the doula will support the mother to help them emotionally, physically, and provide any information needed. If a mother plans or has a cesarean, the doula can help encourage and support before and after the procedure. She will also help make sure there is a good start to breastfeeding with baby.