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Elephant in The Womb Online Support/Prenatal Ed

Topic changes each session.

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Headphones help you hear better and filter out noise!

Our Rules of Engagement:
Purpose: to decrease isolation, share feelings and in general whats UP.

* Be kind
* Support, over solutions (limiting crosstalk)
* Succinct (no bogarting)
* If a moderator interrupts you don’t take it personally
* One person talks at a time, speaking stick style
* Disclaimer: peer support not paid psychotherapy
* Not prescribing or diagnosing
* Reminder, because this is a public forum be mindful if you are breastfeeding, have culturally/religious needs ex: covered hair, in a lawsuit or dangerous sitch.

* This will be recorded and the audio turned into a podcast for your middle of the night support, or whenever you need us, really.

*join our fb group for in between meeting support

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